No Losing Trade Since 20th March 2009!
July 8th, 2009 update: 636.54% NET Profit in the last 100 days!
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?Forex MegaDroid? Indisputably Proves A
Robot Can Trade With 95.82% Accuracy In
EVERY SINGLE Market Condition And At Least
Quadruple Every Single Dollar YOU Deposit?


2009: 976.87%
(188 days)
2008: 623.84%
2007: 612.91%
2006: 333.05%
2005: 810.70%
2004: 677.67%

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July 8th, 2009 Update: 636.54% NET Profit in the last 100 days!


Please, DO NOT Keep On Reading Before You Get To Know
Who We Are, What We Do, And WHY We Can Back Up
Our ?Dollar Quadrupling?  Claim Here...

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Is The Search For The Perfect Forex Money Machine Over?
Is Our Automatic ?Dollar Quadrupling? Claim Valid?

ONLY YOU Be The Judge...


Albert Perrie
Forex Trading Since 1989 (20 Years)
Co-Founder: Forex MegaDroid?
John Grace
Forex Trading Since 1991 (18 years)
Co-Founder: Forex MegaDroid?









Have you ever heard the term ?two minds think better than one??

Well... John and I have actually redefined that term:

?2 Professional Minds Can Produce What 1,001 Unprofessional Minds Can't?

Average products are a result of average people...

Great products are a result of experience, thought, and long term dedication.

Some people learn this the hard way, some are intelligent enough to recognize good from bad... or, GREAT from bad.

If you took the time to view our video you damn well know what I am talking about. You know that experience, ESPECIALLY in Forex trading, is a vital element in advanced robot design.

I suppose that's the difference between those that succeed in what they do and those that don't: knowing the difference.

38 years of combined Forex trading experience have borne fruits... it has proven that outstanding frontier-breaking concepts can establish new standards... new records.

Both John and I have paid the right price for the right knowledge... and both you and I know that bottom line, it's all about knowledge. There is no way around it, perfection comes from knowledge.

Forex MegaDroid? Is The Direct Outcome From 38 Years Of Learning And Experiencing... From Seeing What Works And What Doesn't...

... From Taking Working Concepts And Perfecting Them...
...Taking Them To The Next Level

No matter how you look at it, it's all about taking things into the next level.

That is where extreme profits come from...


The Next Level In Automated Forex Robot Trading: Multi-Market Performance, Turning $1 Into $4 In EVERY Market Condition

38 years of combined Forex trading experience in the toughest trenches... in the most demanding jobs... has borne its fruits.

If you watched the video at the beginning of the page (which we truly recommend you do) you know a bit about us. You know that we paid our dues when it comes to Trading Forex...

Many people don't think about this but back then when we started out, all trading was done with absolutely no computer help...

Back then, you had to do all by yourself... you had to use your hands and eyes to learn, test, model and implement systems and strategies...

Today... things are much easier... but are they better? YES AND NO...
and this is very important, so please pay close attention...

Computers are great... they cut down the work load and they do things much faster. They process information 1 million times (or much more) than human beings can.

And that's a HUGE plus when you are designing Forex systems. The computer can see what the eye can't see... or better yet, the computer can find what the naked eye can't find.

Great... so what's the problem?

Well... and pay VERY, VERY close attention here: computers are just computers... they work with the data that we humans feed them with... they operate on software that we humans design...

In plain English... THEY CAN'T THINK!

It's our job as humans to think... we then pass the ?thought? to the computer and there is where the perfect combination lies!

Now... the QUALITY of ?thought? we pass onto the computer is the difference between it producing outstanding results and just normal, average results.

Now, what is ?quality of thought? in Forex trading?


That's right... in order for you to tell the computer what to do, what to process... what type of methods to implement... you have to have had enough experience in LEARNING how the Forex market behaves...



In the same way that you cannot walk into a kitchen without cooking experience and play the ?chef? role, you have to ?grow? as a visual and manual Forex trader to ?feel? market characteristics before you can design an extremely profitable Forex robot...

Listen closely... any idiot can come and design a Forex robot... that's easy. Just go on Google and type ?Forex robot? (well, you probably have by now!)... see how many results you see.

How many of these robots were designed with true Forex trading strategy design experience?

How many of these robots have a built-in strategy that derives from the designer actually knowing how the Forex market works... having true long term trading experience....

Or better yet...

How Many Of These Robots Have Been Designed By People That Actually Understand That A Truly Profitable Strategy Is One That Is Accurate In EVERY SINGLE Market Condition?

(I will cover the ?every single market condition? part in just a moment)

I'll let you into a little secret...

Over 90% of Forex robots have been designed to work well in a specific market condition... either:

...a trending, non-trending, volatile or non-volatile market. That's it! No more to it my dear friend. That's how things are today... that's what you get when you buy most robots in today's market place.

John and I would have been fired after about 2 days from any of the Forex trading jobs we held over our many years if our approach to trading Forex was a ?single market condition? approach.

The only way to CONSISTENTLY quadruple every single dollar deposited in your trading account is by having a robot that works with deadly accuracy in every single market condition.

Again ... Quadrupling Your Dollars =

Read the above sentence 50 times if you have to because that's the reality of this business.

Each business has it's own reality... in Forex, accurate multi-market condition performance is what rules... is what makes the crucial difference...

...commercial banks know it and that's why their Forex departments are around for so many years (producing unheard of profits, I might add!)

Forex MegaDroid? Is The Outcome Of Our Personal 38 Years Of Combined Commercial Bank Trading Experience... You Can Count On The Best Of The Best... You Can Count On The Perfect (And Only)  ?Multi-Market? Forex Robot In The Market.

We are allowing Forex traders that want to succeed in this business to get 10 steps ahead of the competition... we are giving you the chance to access something for which there can be no price tag: EXPERIENCE.

2009: 976.87% (to date) ? 2008: 623.84% ? 2007: 612.91%
2006: 333.05% ? 2005: 810.70% ? 2004: 677.67%
? 2003: 656.52%? 2002: 441.28% ? 2001: 597.54%

?Advanced Artificial Intelligence: Extreme Performance, Extreme Accuracy... Unheard Of CONSISTENCY... A New Artificial Intelligence Frontier Has Been Established...?

We are proud to be innovators... there is no other way to put it.

We are proud to be able to bring to the table what 38 years of combined Forex trading experience delivers...

Reverse Correlated Time And Price Analysis (RCTPA) Is our contribution to the Forex industry... it's what will take you from being an average Forex trader to a top gun pip pulling machine.

It's the first time Artificial Intelligence has been taken to the next level.

Scroll down for year-by-year, trade-by-trade results...


Since The Launch Of Forex MegaDroid (30th March 2009) The Robot Has
Increased Initial Deposit Gains From 340.33% To 976.87%.
That Is A 636.54% Net Profit Increase In The Last 100 Days!
So... Will We Break The 1,000% Barrier In 2009?  YOU BE THE JUDGE!


You can view details of each individual year of trading - just click the year to view from the list below:

2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001

Use the "scrollbar" to view the list of tradesScroll here


Sometimes you have a revolutionary idea... a new concept in mind. You believe in it but, it's still just a concept.

That's what happen to us when we developed the Reverse Correlated Time And Price Analysis (RCTPA) theory.

You see... when you are an insider in this business you know exactly what the problem is when it comes to consistent performance.

We talked about this previously and I will say it again because this is KEY:

Performance In Forex Trading Has Been Limited (UNTIL TODAY)
Because Of Single-Market Condition Systems/Robots.

The typical scenario: A Forex robot performs extremely well for a certain period of time and then BOOM... you give all your profits away again.

Why? Because the market changed. Volatility changed. Behavior changed.

38 years of combined experience have taught us that there are 2 certainties in Forex trading:

A.) The Market Will Have A Different ?Face? At Different Times...


B.) A Robot That Can't Deal With That Properly And Very Accurately Is Not
    Worth The Time It Takes To Download It.

What ever you decide to do in your Forex trading, always take the above two points into consideration. Trust us, these two rules are non-negotiable!


No matter How We Looked At It, The Only Way To Achieve Extremely Accurate ?Multi-Market? Condition Performance is by employing a different method of analysis and technology.

We had Reverse Correlated Time And Price Analysis (RCTPA) figured out... trading it visually and manually it did exactly what we speculated it would do:

See Into The Immediate Future... See What WILL Happen In The Market With An 81.26% Accuracy Rate Over The Next 2-4 Hours...

And, by the way... we discussed this previously...

(and this is what every Forex robot designer doesn't get), a robot's performance is the direct result of the level of knowledge the trader has in market behavior...

This knowledge can only be acquired through long term experience, dedication and persistence.

Our job now was twofold:

1. Take RCPTA into the next level... 100% automated, hands-free trading. 

2. Boost performance to levels never seen in the Forex industry before.

Why do we say ?never seen in the Forex industry??

Well... you have to understand one very important thing. When you are not known in an industry you can get away with average... you can get away with not being the best.

When you have 10's of years of experience AND you are known by key figures in the industry you have to PROVE yourself. In other words, you cannot afford not to be the best.

If Bill Gates produces some new software... if Tiger Woods produces a golf training product... if Warren Buffet produces a trading product... everyone in the relevant industry would expect the best....

NO... we are not comparing ourselves to these industry dominating figures, but we're sure you get the point.

The next frontier had to be broken... let me rephrase this - the next frontier HAS BEEN broken...

?Taking Artificial Intelligence To New Technological Ground, Combining It With 38 Years Of Trading Experience And Knowledge
To Produce A Robot That Sees Into The Future With Mind Blowing
Accuracy: To The Tune Of 95.82% Accuracy?

was born and it validated our long term theory that it is possible to see into the immediate future with extreme accuracy...

That it is possible to take what we learned throughout 38 years and integrate it into the best Forex robot the industry had ever seen.

Bottom line, we produced solid PROOF that 95.82% accuracy is possible over a long period of time (consistency) ONLY if you can predict the immediate future...

...and ONLY if you can fuse new Artificial Intelligence technology and real, long term Forex trading experience...

To produce results like:

2009 Performance:
976.87% (188 days)
2008 Performance:
2007 Performance:
2006 Performance:
2005 Performance:
2004 Performance:
2003 Performance:
2002 Performance:
2001 Performance:

What is the most important detail you have to understand from these results?

No... what is the difference between what you see here and what you will or have seen in ANY other Forex robot performance results?

Two things: consistency and incredible individual year performance.

If you are new to Forex you probably don't know the trick... so let me open your eyes a bit.... and please focus here since its one of the most important lessons you will learn.

Over 90% of Forex robots marketed provide you proof of top performance...something like this:

?Since 2006 XXXX Robot Has Nailed 1,476% Profit...?

Well, the claim might be true. The robot might have produced these type of results.

But... WHEN?

Did it produce them consistently and EVENLY throughout time? OR
Did it have ONE SINGLE period of great performance and that's it?

Can you see the difference between a robot producing consistent and even results throughout a long period of time and producing good results for ONLY a specific period?

The first one guarantees you will make money NOW, the other guarantees you lost the opportunity to make money! As simple as that...

For us, for the trained Forex professionals, it's obvious... for someone who just started out in this business, it's not.

I suppose some people have to learn this the hard way... spending money buying countless robots, depleting trading accounts, etc...

The smarter people do their math, they know how to look at things properly...

Forex MegaDroid ? HAS Proven To Spit Out Unheard Of,
Industry Breaking Performance, YEAR AFTER YEAR
...Steadily And Consistently Producing A Much As
100% NET Profit Per Month...

You know the saying ?95% of Forex traders Lose... 5% WIN?.

Well, these 5% are those that did their homework... they were able to separate B.S. from what's real...

Most importantly though, they are able to understand the fact that real long term success is based on ?experience-based? system design.

My friend, absolutely nothing beats experience... period!

Now, before we move on:

A Special Note of Appreciation to Hector Lusting...

Hector Lusting
B.A. In Computer Programming
Masters Degree In Information Technology
P.H.D In Applied Mathematics

41 Years Of Information
Technology/Programming  Experience

Forex MegaDroid's strategy is a result of John and my 38 years of combined professional trading experience...

For taking the robot to automatic ground, applying advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to break a new frontier, we want to thank Hector Lusting.

Project ?Forex MegaDroid? would have NOT been possible without Hector's contribution and for that we both would like to express our deepest appreciation.

I got to know Hector 12 years ago. He actually provided his professional programming and mathematical analysis skills to the bank I was working for.

He is the main contributor (technology side) for the 3 top systems my bank used to achieve unheard of performance and rake in insane profits.

I love Hector... he's one of those ?old school? guys... a no nonsense, no B.S person... what you see is what you get (and trust me, you see A LOT and you get A LOT!).

A true mathematical genius, a genuine professional programmer...

Hector was our first choice when we were looking for someone to take the Artificial Intelligence frontier one step further...

Our bet paid off, BIG TIME!

Thank you Hector for your dedication, knowledge,  persistence and for bearing with our months of constant "meddling".



?Grow your trading account by at least 1,000%?... A bold claim?

A bold claim is a claim that cannot be backed up with facts... it's a claim that has no solid grounds to back it up.

Not only is this NOT a bold claim... it's a claim that will be OUTPERFORMED.

From January 1st 2009 to launch (31st March) Forex MegaDroid nailed an astounding 340.33% profit...

That is OVER 100% PER MONTH in pure profit, in other words an account which started trading with the robot at the beginning of the year TRIPLED in size...

Why are the 2009 ?account tripling? results so powerful?

Because of 3 simple and plain FACTS:

Fact #1: They Obviously Demonstrate That Forex MegaDroid Has Been Doing What It's Suppose To Do ? Use Advanced Artificial Intelligence Based On RCPTA Technology To Produce Unheard Of 100%+ Profit Per Month

Fact #2: They are not ?stand-alone? results. By this I mean that they are backed by 8 years of similar results.

Fact #3: They show with UNDISPUTABLE proof that the RCTPA technology is the new frontier in Forex trading... they show that it is possible to see into the immediate future with astounding accuracy.


Now, we want to cover a very important point and I need your full attention...

The Forex market will not be what it was for a very long time to come.

Ok, I know you are confused now but let me explain this well because it is what will put YOU light years ahead of every Forex trader out there.

There is one unbreakable rule in trading: the market changes in personality and over 95% of traders see this only long after the fact occurred.

You see, every few years the market goes though dramatic changes. Changes in volatility, changes in range, changes in ?time of day movements?.

These changes last for YEARS once they occur.
From around January 2008 the market was starting to give us signs that it was about to change. In September 2008 it finally put its foot down... it SHOUTED CHANGE!

We are in a new reality now.

We are in a new reality that is NOT going to change for quite a few years to come.

Not Only Has Forex MegaDroid? Withstood the Test of Time
in the ?Old? Market  Reality... Because of RCPTA Technology
it has Adapted to the NEW Market Reality to the Tune of
 OVER 100% NET Profit Per Month...

Your future in Forex trading depends on how good the robot you use adapts to the new market reality.

The fact is, and we can say this because of our combined 38 year of Forex trading experience, there is no better time to make a fortune trading Forex.

Further, this reality is here to stay for a VERY long time.

Remember well the following 2 points:

I. Very Few Robots can adapt well to a new long term market condition

II. Of the ones that can, NOT ONE can see the immediate future and trade it with 95.82% accuracy over a long period of time.

Let's conclude all this...

Can you drive a normal car in rough terrain? NO.

Can you drive a 4 wheel drive car in rough terrain? YES.

Can you drive a 4 wheel drive car in normal terrain? YES.

I can't put it simpler than that! Forex MegaDroid is a ?4 wheel drive car?... multi terrain, multi-performance!


Ok... if you are new to this wonderful business then the above looks like ?Chinese? to you... we completely understand.

However... please pay close attention since what we have done will revolutionize the Forex industry... it will make some Forex brokers very unhappy...

It will finally give YOU, the home-based Forex trader, an UNFAIR advantage... an advantage absolutely no one will ever be able to take away from you.

Please pay close attention here...

Forex brokers make money from you, the trader. They make A LOT of money.

Now, most Forex brokers trade against you... this means that if you win, they lose. As simple as that.

Most people don't know this but it's the annoying reality: some unscrupulous Forex brokers will do anything they can so that you do not finish the race and claim a big prize.

Now... and this is key, as long as your robot is only averagely profitable, they wont bother you... they are not concerned with average robots.

They are only concerned with very profitable robots!

If you have a really profitable robot, some Forex brokers will do one (or more) of the following things once they spot that trades are being placed by that robot:

1. Close your account.

2. Raise the spread on the currency pair you are trading during the specific hours your robot trades (making the robot non-profitable).

3. Prevent you from trading with the robot EVEN if you already have a live account open.

Now... there are basically 2 main problems (until today!): One, it is hard to find a very profitable robot. Two, even after you find one, many times you can't enjoy its profit potential because of one or more of the above mentioned points.

Both John and I HATE (and have always HATED) Forex broker tricks... it irritates us... it takes us out of our minds.

This is our one-fingered salute to those unscrupulous Forex brokers:

With the help of Hector Lusting, we designed an internal mechanism for Forex MegaDroid that makes it 100% UNDETECTABLE to Forex brokers...

They SIMPLY can't know whether YOU or anyone else is trading with it. There is absolutely no trace whatsoever that a trade was places by the robot.


But it doesn't end there...

As I mentioned above, the bastards (sorry for the bad language but I am writing this and it truly irritates me to see what some of these guys do) try to narrow down the times at which a robot places trades.

So, as I explained earlier...

...if, for example, the robot places trades every day between 9 AM and 3 PM, they will raise the spread during those times for the specific currency pair (of course, only if enough people are trading the same robot during those hours).

Brokers can never ever use this little trick with Forex MegaDroid... why?

Well... simply because the robot trades randomly throughout the 24 hour trading sessions!

One day it might trade at 2 AM, next day at 5PM, the day after at 9AM and so on...

Forex MegaDroid is the only robot in existence where its profitability makes it a target for Forex brokers BUT THEY CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

No Forex Broker In The World Will Ever Know You Are Trading With Forex MegaDroid, No Forex Broker Will Ever Be Able To Stop Forex MegaDroid? From At Least Quadrupling Every Dollar You Deposit ...

We established a new industry standard when it comes to installation and operation of a Forex Robot...


Why? Because We Wanted To Know Exactly How To Beat Every Installation Issue Out There...
We Wanted To Design A True ?5 Minute? Install & Trade Solution.

Here's the story...

Every single Forex robot site we visited in the past 4 months or so had the same ?impressive? claim: ?download our robot, install and fire it up in under 5 minutes?.

Well... we KNOW it's possible to download and install a robot in under 5 minutes IF you explain to the user how to do it well enough.

BUT... we also saw that every Forex robot review we came across was very negative regarding ease of use... ease of installation.

Bottom line... we wanted to see what all these Forex robot vendors were doing wrong because, at the end of the day, it is a VERY simple process to install, operate and trade an FX robot.

The answer was actually quite simple...

They all took a simple concept and made it non-simple!

You can explain something 1,000 different ways. For example, you can explain to someone how to get from address A to address B taking the shorter route...

You can also explain to someone how to get from address A to address B using the longest route if YOU DO NOT KNOW the way to point B very well yourself!

Listen closely...

Downloading, Installing & Operating a Forex Robot is a
Simple 5 Step Process... NO MORE, NO LESS.

And you have to really understand this...

Like with the addresses example above, you can make it a 50 step complicated and annoying process... or you can make it what it is, SIMPLE!

It all comes down to:

  • How Well,
  • How Accurate, and
  • How Organized explain a process to a person.

So... are we qualified to claim that we can do the job MUCH better than any other person out there?

Are we qualified to say that we have actually achieved perfection when it comes to speed and ease of installation?

Well... you be the judge. Here is what we did....

Do you know what a focus group is? Well... it's quite simple.

A focus group is a group of people that are used to test a product, a products features, a marketing concept, etc.

Some of the biggest corporations in the world use focus groups for their product development process.

It's the only way to accurately test and find out what really works... it's the only way to know what really works best!

Anyway, we actually conducted tests via 2 separate focus groups.

We created what we believed was the most easy to understand and accurate installation & operation manual...

We then submitted it to the first focus group...

These were 25 people that have never EVER heard of the word Forex! No experience, no knowledge... complete beginners.

Results were impressive... it seemed we managed to nail the correct process of installation & operation in terms of speed, ease of use and understanding.

The average installation and operation time of the group was: 6 minutes and 23 seconds.

Great... but NOT good enough. Not nearly.

Not good enough because we knew that it is possible to get a complete new comer, someone with zero experience in Forex to download, install and operate the robot in less than 5 minutes.

So... the next step was to improve the way things were explained in the installation manual... to understand what ?problems? the first focus group had and improve the process.

After perfecting the process... after spending a lot of time fine tuning it and making sure every single element is covered in the most efficient manner we submitted the robot to a second focus group (25 NEW people).

The results were astounding...

The Average Time From Download Of The Robot To Complete Installation And Operation Was Exactly:

4 Minutes And 21 Seconds!

More than 2 minutes faster than the first group's time!

Now do you understand why it is possible to shorten the distance from point A to point B by so much? Bottom line... it's all down to how well you explain to someone how to do something.

But why are we telling you about all this process we went through to perfect the installation and operation of Forex MegaDroid?

Because we want you to FULLY understand why we are the ONLY ones that can truly make the following claim:

So, that is our formal guarantee to YOU... that is the only guarantee in existence that is possible to make not due to an opinion but to facts... to actual testing and perfecting with random inexperienced focus groups.


Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: The results of Forex MegaDroid are truly impressive. Can a robot really achieve such results?

A: If you would have asked us that question 2 years ago we would have said NO. However, as with any other industry, advances in technology change outlooks.

But it doesn't end there... it's not only technology that is responsible for new breakthrough performance. Advances in technology are just one piece of the puzzle - admittedly, a big piece.

New Artificial Intelligence advancements have made it possible for us to actually design a robot that sees into the near future with 95.82% accuracy. That is a HUGE step forward. Every single Forex robot in the market relies on seeing what happened in the past in order to base its decisions as to what to do in the future.

That old way of doing things is OVER.

Now, here is what is very important to understand. We humans design Artificial Intelligence, we feed it with information... not the other way around. Hence, performance is the direct results of the quality of information we feed it.

Our 38 years of combined Forex trading experience has allowed us to design the perfect strategy, on which Forex MegaDroid is based. Only experience can bring such quality in strategy design. Hector Lusting's 41 years of computer programming/information technology created the technology that allowed RCTPA to be an automatic, hands-free reality.

Q: How much money can I make with Forex MegaDroid?

A: To start, in 2009 the robot has already more than TRIPLED the initial deposit (since January 1st). It has achieved a 976.87% return. That is over 100% NET profit per month since the beginning of the year. In simple words, every dollar deposited has grown to over $3 to date.

But that's not enough...

Every year the robot has achieved unparalleled results: 623.47.84%,  612.91%, 333.05%, 810.70%, 677.67%...

This year we will hit the 1,000% NET profit mark because market personality has dramatically changed over at least the past 14 months and will remain like that for at least the next 2 years to come (we discussed this earlier).

Q: How much money do I need to start trading with the Robot?

A: You can start with literally any amount. In the download section we provide you with a list of brokers, some of whom will allow you to open a live account with as little as $5.

Q: Do I need to risk money to see if Forex MegaDroid? works exactly as you show and explain?

A: Absolutely not!... and this is VERY important. First, you have 60 full days to do whatever you want with the robot. Test it, demo trade it, live trade it, back-test it as much as you want (to see that the results match EXACTLY what we present here). Don't like it? Return it! No hard feelings - No questions asked.

Second, you can open a demo account with a large number of Forex brokers and trade the robot with virtual money before you decide to go live. You don?t have to spend one single dollar to do this.

We are making this a truly risk free investment for you because we know this is the best Forex trading robot ever designed. We are confident in our product and therefore willing to back it up with whatever it takes.

Q: I have never traded Forex before, is the Forex MegaDroid? robot for me?

A: Yes. If you know how to download a file, you can trade the Forex MegaDroid Robot. It's a ?plug and play? type of system so just download it, install it and the robot starts trading for you. You don?t need to know anything about the Forex market or how to trade it.

Q: If many people trade with the robot, can that affect the robot?s accuracy and profitability?

A: This answer can be divided into 2 separate sections:

1. Lots of people still don?t realize just how huge the Forex market actually is ? it?s the largest market in the world. It?s larger than ALL the stock, bond and futures markets in the world COMBINED! It?s estimated that every single day, something in the order of $3 TRILLION are traded in the Forex market. It?s extremely liquid, volatile and trades 5 days a week, 24 hours per day.

Effectively, the market is so huge that there?s room for everyone, and I mean EVERYONE! There could be 10,000 people or more trading with the Forex MegaDroid Robot and it wouldn?t affect its efficiency and accuracy in the slightest.

2. Forex MegaDroid has what we call a ?Forex Broker Buster Mechanism?. This means that even unscrupulous brokers can never ever prevent you from profiting with the robot... in any way, shape or form! And this we absolutely GUARANTEE. We covered this issue extensively earlier.

This is the only robot in the market that has this in-built mechanism.

Q: Is it possible to see into the future with a 95.82% accuracy rate?

A: Yes, it is possible to accurately see future market behavior with such degree of accuracy rate only IF you are aiming at a short period of time, i.e. 2-4 hours forward.

The great news, this 2-4 hour window is all we need to nail amazing profitability rates... unheard of performance.

Forex MegaDroid bases its strategy on very short time frames. It's more of a scalper than a day or medium term trader.

RCTPA and the integration of advanced Artificial Intelligence has allowed us to push the boundaries further than any industry expert ever thought possible. We are proud of this accomplishment and any owner of this robot will certainly enjoy the extreme profits associated with it.

Q: If Forex MegaDroid? is so profitable and accurate, why are you selling it?

A: We invented a new technology, a new way of trading Forex. What we have done is truly revolutionary by any industry standards and we want the recognition for it.

We want our names in the ?Forex Hall of Fame?.

Why? Well... you know we have been involved in this industry for so many years. Myself since 1989, Albert since 1991. We have held many important positions, have been involved in many important projects. But it is now time to ?tie the knot? so to speak! Time to prove we are MUCH more than 2 guys that have been trading Forex for a combined 38 years.

It all comes down to how you want people to remember you, what you have done and what you have contributed. This is our contribution, RCTPA is our way of revolutionizing the industry, Forex MegaDroid is what we will be recognized for in years to come.

Q: Is it really true that Forex MegaDroid is the only robot in the market that has an in-built mechanism that makes it invisible to Forex brokers?

A: Yes, that is true. We GURANTEE that no broker you trade the robot with will ever know you are trading with it. This enhanced capability of the robot will ensure that you will never be bothered by your broker in any sense, form or shape.

Forex MegaDroid is the only robot on the market that has this new ?Broker Buster? mechanism ensuring you a smooth trading environment without any hustles or problems.

This is a groundbreaking advancement for us Forex traders and will be the new standard in the industry.

Q: What type of client support will I receive?

A: We are both very ?quality support? oriented when it comes to our OWN purchasing, especially over the Internet. We HATE it when we get bad client support... it drives us crazy so we're sure you understand what we mean.

Hence, we made all the necessary arrangements so that you will get the absolute best support available in the industry, the type of support we would expect to get if we were buying something.

Yes, we know you hear this a lot and after you buy the product it's ?game over? so to speak.

Well, please pay close attention:

Besides us both being available for whatever you might need, we actually hired AND trained a team of 5 people to focus SOLELY on supporting our clients. No matter what the question is, no matter what you need... our support will be fast, professional AND unconditional.

Again, this is very important for you to understand: We both hate it when we personally buy something over the Internet and get bad client support, especially when it comes to Forex. We WILL establish a new standard in client support, GUARANTEED.


The Price

Forex MegaDroid is the FIRST robot of its kind... it's not just a VERY profitable robot...

It's the first robot in the market that:

  • Uses The Brand New RCTPA Technology

  • Establishes A New Artificial Intelligence Frontier In The Industry

  • Is The First Robot That Is A True MULTI-MARKET Condition Performer

  • Is Capable Of Seeing Into The Immediate Future (2-4 Hours) With Uncanny Accuracy

  • WILL At Least Quadruple Your Deposit

  • Is truly Undetectable By ANY Forex Broker


As you can see, there is MUCH more to a Forex robot than it just being profitable... and Forex MegaDroid has it all.

How in the world do you price the most accurate and profitable income opportunity that?s proven its ability to generate astounding results month-after-month, year-after-year...hands-free?

It would certainly be much easier if the Forex MegaDroid Robot was ?just another? robot like so many others out there.

But it's not. It?s the real deal. It?s what many people have been waiting for. It?s a true pass to financial freedom. A REAL way to grow wealthy.

We honestly believe that it?s a life changing solution.

Imagine tomorrow waking up naturally? no alarm clock, no stress, no commuting... no agenda. The day is yours to do as you please because you?re financially secure. Things happen on YOUR terms and not on somebody else's! Imagine being a ?ghost? to Forex brokers... imagine being one of the few that can count on the ?Broker Buster? technology.

The only thing you ?have? to do is to check your account growth every day... the profits that keep on rolling in and building up.

It?s actually funny how one?s life can change in a matter of moments and how dealing with the hardships in life can be a thing of the past.

If we charged what the Forex MegaDroid Robot is truly worth, the only thing we would achieve is to put it out of the reach of 99% of the people reading this page because they couldn?t afford it. It?s that simple.

You know the reason why we are selling the robot - we told you that earlier but we'll say it again:

After 38 years of combined Forex trading experience we want to prove to the industry that we are the best... we want to leave a legacy... we want to be recognized by our peers.

What better way to achieve all that than to let people trade with our new technological advancement... let people SEE for themselves that we are responsible for taking Artificial Intelligence to the next level.

Our conclusion is...

If the number of robot users doesn?t affect the Forex MegaDroid Robot?s profitability, why not make it accessible to those that don't have $3,000, $5,000 or $10,000 (which we could easily charge for a Forex trading robot boasting such performance and technological advancements)?

Why not give others a chance to live a great life if it doesn't affect us or anyone else trading with the robot?

It?s a win-win situation for everyone...

With the above in mind, we decided to charge $149 for the Forex MegaDroid Robot. It's a fair price and affordable for most people.


As part of this special launch, the first 200 copies will be offered for an introductory price of $97 - no subscription - no ongoing payments whatsoever! We are excited about this launch and want you to enjoy it as well.

It's our gift to the first 200 lucky Forex MegaDroid Robot owners... take advantage of it!

NOTE: This is NOT a marketing gimmick. We ARE raising the price of the robot once the first 200 copies fly off the shelves.

One last thing...

We are shouldering all the risk...

We TRULY don?t want your money if you?re not 200% satisfied with the Forex MegaDroid Robot. Notice we said ?200%?! It?s not enough for us to know that you?re only ?happy?. We want you to be blown away and excited and we know we will achieve this.

Let's make this formal:


Take advantage of the time-limited, introductory price while you can.
If at ANY time within the next 60 days, for ANY reason at all, you aren?t happy with Forex MegaDroid? then simply e-mail us and we?ll refund every cent of your purchase.

No questions asked, no ifs, no buts, no whys! Your satisfaction is our success and if we can't fulfil that then we don't want your money.


Since The Launch Of Forex MegaDroid (30th March 2009) The Robot Has Increased Initial Deposit Gains From 340.33% To 976.87%.

That Is A 636.54% Net Profit Increase In Only 100 Days!
So... Will We Break The 1,000% Barrier In 2009?  YOU BE THE JUDGE!

Get The Forex MegaDroid - Click Here



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