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Adam Kelly,
North Carolina USA

"WOW! I`ve bought alot of high cost forex systems and signals. Your software blows the competition out of the water! You could easily charge triple the price. As a matter of fact i never came across such an easy to setup, easy to apply and most important effective working system!"

Dr. Jorn Zelbach
Market Analyst

"I consider myself an experienced trader.
I professionally manage FX accounts for various capital groups and write a daily FX forecast. I have used your software and found it to be very useful, as I am certain it has made me a better trader"

George Welch
(California, USA)

"Being an experienced trader it`s hard to impress me, you did! I mostly trade EUR/USD and USD/CHF Pairs. The forex killer signals are not only easy to use but very profitable, thank you."

Gary F. (Canada)

"This week was a great week for the USD/EUR Market. I pocketed a tidy profit of 12400 usd just following the signals. IT`s just awesome"

Laura (London, Uk)

"After having downloaded your software a few weeks ago, i am still excited! I never tought it would be as easy to use"

Recent E-mail Testimonials

It Woooorks! It`s incredible. I am already 4500+ and the money keeps coming in. Andreas you`re da man!

Jessie , CA

The program itself is quite small and has not many functionalities. However the results blew me away.Holy Maria and Joseph! The thing made me gain tons even with my first trades.. i was + 120 pips at the end of the day using it for hourly charts!

Marc Rogers,

Forex Killer is a true masterpiece of the trading and engineering experience. It simply works. Period.

Mark Larsen,
Independent Video Reviews

After some installation issues i got the software to work, thx to your customer support and i love it!

Marcel, Italy

....Simply impressive, thank you alot!....

....Oh Boy! I luv ya for this..

Unkown Guy

I`m a trader over at XXXXX and your system rivals us especially in therms of user friendliness. Wishing you much success

Shane, a forex trader




The AWARD WINNING "work from home" solution!: Forex Killer

from the desk of: Andreas Kirchberger
time: 02.45 PM


Fellow Entrepreneurs,

Please let me introduce myself, my name is Andreas Kirchberger and I make an extraordinary living trading on the forex market. I used to work for Deutsche Bank as a forex advisor but I made the decision to quit because one question kept nagging me and even haunted me in my dreams: Why should I work and sweat for 8 hours a day making other people rich by researching reports and monitoring market movements?

That`s why 2 colleagues and I developed the Forex Killer, which is the only working forex signal generator on the market today. I`ve already made hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here is a screenshot of my swiss bank account. Would you believe that all I did to generate this sum of money was spend a few MINUTES a day adjusting some easy BUY & SELL ORDERS???



I'm not talking about hours of hustles or the MLM & Affiliate Dreck that people get tricked into these days. I'm talking about a proven money making method where you generate all of the cash yourself by trading your own money. You are totally in charge of what happens. This is a PROVEN path to true financial independence.


50% of the people that trade forex lose money, even in the long run? For many people, trading equals gambling. Here is where the problem is, to make money CONSISTENTLY and increase your bank account, you need a PROVEN AUTO PILOT NO-GUESSWORK SYSTEM. It is even better to have a proven software that does the thinking for you and therefore eliminates the "human error" factor.

What we came up with is unlike anything else
available on the Internet today.

Why would you pay hundreds of dollars in monthly fees to companies for forex trading signals when you can just create them yourself with our forex advanced trading signal system?

Why would you spend the whole day waiting for signals that never come in time?

Why would you pay for signals which often do not bring any profits? They only bring losses!

Why should you follow complicated trading patterns and stress yourself with charts and analytical software when you could simply generate comprehensive and profitable signals within minutes?

Our proprietary FOREX KILLER software will relieve you of all these problems and earn you an extraordinary income.


Video Testimonial on You Tube from a recent customer

Peter from Estonia
(click to play)

"... i made over $ 2200 USD in my first week.."



Forex Killer Features:

It is used by professionals & beginners alike with no experience whatsoever.
You can start with as little as $500 USD on a real forex account or learn the ropes on a demo account without risking any real money at all.
It works with all trading platforms because it is an independent program. You just have to feed it with market data and follow it's trading advice
It was developed by a mathematics professor, a behavioral psychologist and an experienced forex trader.
It works in any country and with any broker.
A highly profitable system that lets you earn thousands of dollars each day.
It applies to each and every currency pair and any financial market.
Reliable and consistent. It's stand-alone software!
It can be tested without having to risk any trading capital!
Can be used anywhere at any time because the market is always open!
Breathtakingly simple. It's easily and quickly understood by the average independent trader as well as newbies!
Free Updates for life. We constantly tweak the software for maximum efficiency

Forex Killer Efficiency and Results (in pips)

Forex Killer 2008-2009 Performance:

We have over 13000 (!!) happy trading customers.
People are experiencing great gains everyday by trading with
the Forex Killer software..

Work from Home Mom talks about her experience

Regina from Las Vegas
(click to play)

"Made big claims that it was really easy.. decided
to give it a shot.. you know what?... It IS everything
they claimed it to be!"


Do you need more proof than this? Fine!

Follow an unbroken, 2 month, live trading period... Watch as a $100,000 account becomes $641,147 using only our Forex Killer Software Signals!


And the best part is that our software is so easy to use, even a trained monkey would have no problems :)
Just one, two and three.

   Feed the software with the needed data

   Press the "Calculate" Button to generate the next signal             and its probability

   Place the market orders and collect your profit!

Click to enlarge


Have a look at the trade sample below. This "long Trade" triggered on October 16, 2007 at 1.4165.
We closed the position at 1.4285 and netted a tidy profit of +120 pips
($1200 USD pure profits in this case)

Click to enlarge


Q: I have never traded the forex market, is Forex Killer for me

A: Absolutely! The Forex Killer software was created for beginners as well as experienced traders. With the Forex Killer manual, detailed "Forex Learning Book" and "Crush course" beginners will learn everything they need to know about the forex market to start trading within the next hours! Forex Killer is successfully used by newbies with no Forex experience at all!

Q: I pay hundreds of dollars as a monthly fee to companies for forex trading signals. Does Forex Killer have monthly subscribtion fees?

A: No! You purchase software to generate your own signals at home! No more monthly fees! You can finally create signals by yourself with your own market analyzing software.

Q: How much money do I need to start trading?

A: Depending on your broker rules, you can start trading with an amount as low as $500. Remember that starting out with low trading capital may put you at disadvantage because you will only be able to trade forex in small share lot sizes. We recommend to start with capital of $2,000-5,000 USD or train on a Demo account till you are satisfied with the performance.

Q: Is it hard to learn and implement your trading system Forex Killer?

A: No! Most people that purchase Forex Killer start trading the next day after they install it. Some even within minutes. We provide exact detailed instructions how to start.

Q: Does the strategy cover currency pairs other than EUR/USD?

A: The strategy has been designed to be useful for trading any major currency pair such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF etc... The examples are mostly EUR/USD, however our forex strategy can be easily applied to any other currency pair.

Q: Can I use the signals for intraday trading?

A: Yes. You can trade different timeframes: 5M, 15M, 30M and 1H for intraday trading and 4H, 1D, 1W for long term daily trading.

Q: Where can I get the price data to feed the program?

A: You can feed the Forex Killer with data from any broker's platform, like Metatrader for free. We also provide a list of recommended brokers.

Q: What kind of Internet connection and computer hardware do I need?

A: The kind of Internet connection that you should use depends greatly upon your trading style. Active day trading requires high bandwidth, high performance and reliable Internet connection. Although it is possible to successfully day trade using a regular phone line connection, we would recommend you to use either Cable or DSL Internet service if it is available in your area.

Q: Do you provide customer support

A: Sure. We provide friendly customer support. Feel free to contact us any time you have questions or problems. We'll do our best to help you and answer your questions as soon as possible. Visit our Forex Killer Help Center

Q: What if I am not happy with the software?
A: It's a COMPLETELY RISK-FREE PURCHASE: We challenge you! Should you not be able to profit with our software, send us your trading screenshots and we will refund you, no questions asked!

Q: Can the software become outdated?
A: No, with your purchase of the Forex Killer software you are entitled for updates free for life. We constantly improve the efficiency of the software as we use it to trade ourselves.

Video Testimonial on You Tube

Carla Garcia from Mexico City
(click to play)

".....Best trading software I have ever seen..."


Wondered how it would feel like to live in a house like this??

Imagine how wonderful it would be to wake up every morning and enjoy a good cup of coffee next to the swimming pool. Then turning your laptop on to check and see how much money you made today trading the markets! How about spending the rest of the day with your kids & family?


All along, your envious neighbor keeps wondering how the hell you manage to afford this luxury and the Dodge Viper in your garage?

Life is for living and not for working my friend. Picture yourself enjoying the freedom to do whatever you want WHENEVER you want. Escape the daily rat race and live the independent life you always dreamed of. All of this freedom is just a download away.

It doesn`t matter where you are people
all around the globe start trading and
enjoy great profits!

Piyush Roy from India
(click to play)

"..... its`s really been amazing for me"

You will NEVER EVER have to struggle again trying to sell crappy products on the net or convince your friends to join some pyramid or multi level marketing system that simply steals your time & money. You can become productive and start earning the money on your own with no middle men. Be your own boss from now on and earn as much as you want WHEN you want it. So what are you waiting for?

If you order today you will get the following
bonuses free of charge.

Exclusive Forex E-Book

New to FOREX? Knowledge is the key to success! Our forex course is the right choice! You will learn all the basics including money managment strategies, the trading platform metatrader, how to conduct basic analysis and so much more. A great start into the forex world!

Non-Farm-Payroll Strategy

The forex market is many times dominated by important economic reports releases. These government issued reports can sometimes cause 150-200 pips moves in certain currency pairs within minutes. We tell you how to reap these sure winners and put additional money into your pockets

Money Manager & Risk calculator

A winning forex system is not enough. You need a Money Manager. This new advanced risk and lot calculator helps you in your daily trading. You should never trade without knowing how many lots you need to buy, what your risk reward is, or without knowing the exact amount of your trade - this information is imperative for successful forex trading. Because you need to PRESERVE your gains in the long run to build your bank account!

Additional winning tactics
submitted by successful
forex-killer users

The Forex-Killer users are a GREAT community. So great that they have in fact, developed their own winning and moneymaking tactics with the forex-killer software! We have compiled the best strategies in a PDF file for you to earn even more!

Forex Killer MT4 Automater
AutoFxK v.0.5c (NEW 2009!!)

With this nice piece of software called AutoFxK developed by A. Alexander John you can now automate your Forex Killer trading in Metatrader4 platform! 100% autopilot approach! No more boring manual price data loading! AutoFxK was designed to act as a mediator between Forex Killer and your MetaTrader trading platform. It will load the price feeds inside ForexKiller and place /close trades for you automatically!


and finally we get to the biggest bonus of all... Brand new

INCREDIBLE BONUS #5: up to $500 USD*

Because of our good relations in the forex niche and the huge success of the Forex-Killer Software we were able to negotiate a greal deal for our clients with a very popular forex brokerage.

In Fact every Forex-Killer user gets up to 500 USD Bonus when he opens a trading brokerage account*

Robotic Forexautopilot software:          Cost 198 usd
Possible discount (see below):             50% off today leaving the cost at 89 usd
ForexKiller brokerage partner deal
:    500 usd bonus deposit         


Up to $411 USD GIFT for you as a customer !!!!!


This means that if you order TODAY via our limited coupon code... all in all the software is virtually FREE to you PLUS leaves you with a gift of up to $411. Now how awesome is that?

*Very Important*


All Visitors can redeem the 50% off Coupon Today!

It`s your lucky day. We had an error processing our coupons, so for a limited time we give everyone that uses the coupon 50% off the regular price to make it fair for everyone. Yes you read it right, you are able to SAVE 50% TODAY

The 50% off coupon code is:        drta50off

Just enter that below and you'll be able to save 50% off the normal price. The price will return to $198 USD 3 Days from . ACT NOW or regret that you have missed this opportunity to be financially independent for life.

Step 2:
Select Payment Method Below:

Price: 198 USD (Before coupon discount)


No Hidden Charges. You are NEVER BILLED Again


No Hidden Charges. You are NEVER BILLED Again

This is a one time fee only. You will never be re-billed. Clickbank sells our products - they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products.


You can Download the software INSTANTLY after the purchase and begin making money within minutes!

I am sure you will enjoy the tremendous benefits the Forex Killer will bring you. So sure that I offer a 100% Money Back guarantee. Use the software for 56 days. If you are not completely satisfied send in your trading screenshots to prove that, and we will refund you straight back. Enjoy the profits!

Wishing you the best,


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* restrictions apply. The $500 bonus credit to the account is subject to the client completing at least 40 full lot closed trades within the first 60 days of the account approval.
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